Marine and Offshore

For the Marine, Offshore and Drilling branches the KinnetikBuyer solution integrates into your existing purchasing system, allowing you to profit from previous investments.

KinntikBuyer allows you to easily trade electronically with all your suppliers from your existing purchasing system(s).

KinntikBuyer provides you with one common interface for all transactions you process electronically. This means that you can streamline your procurement process towards using your own, existing purchasing system. You can transmit Requests for Quote (RFQs) and Purchase Orders (POs) directly from your purchasing system and receive Quotes and Order Confirmations (POC’s) directly back in the same system without having to retype the data. If you add our e-invoice solution you can also receive electronic invoices directly into your system, enabling you to simply control and process the invoice and eliminate the paper work.

KinntikBuyer provides features which help you to get easy access to supplier’s product and price information and to maintain your own product and price data.

Together with Kinnetik Buyer you can use “KinnetikWebConn” which is a front end view providing you with accurate data of all transactions sent and received via Kinnetik and the related status.

KinntikBuyer provides functionality for:

  • Processing and sending Requests For Quote (RFQs) and Purchase Orders (POs) from your existing purchasing system. You do not have to change to a different system for sending e-transactions.
  • Receiving Quotes and Order Confirmations directly in your existing purchasing system.
  • Dynamic information flow keeping you updated of the status and the content of the transaction.



  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced cost
  • Improved control and overview
  • One common interface for all e-transactions – one link to all suppliers
  • Easy integration process with Kinnetik’s adaptors
  • No comprehensive training of staff required

KinntikBuyer must be set up and configured to your system. Kinnetik includes a connection agent which has been developed to make the integration process as easy and fast as possible.  It also holds all common functionality that is required to communicate via the Kinnetik infrastructure.