KinnetikWebSupplier is an online, cloud-based sales order management tool for suppliers.  KinnetikWebSupplier is easy to use and provides you with all the functionality you require to handle Requests For Quote (RFQ’s) and Purchase Orders (PO’s) from your customers.

An online, web-based sales order management tool for suppliers.

KinnetikWebSupplier provides you with one common interface for all transactions processed electronically. This means that you no longer have to access a number of websites, print email PDF’s or handle different spreadsheets and programs to process electronic transactions.

KinnetikWebSupplier include features such as:
  • Order dashboard/track and trace orders; Functionality where you can monitor, review and keep track of all existing RFQs, quotes, purchase orders and order confirmations you have received and processed.
  • eMail notification management
  • Document processing tool
  • Compare documents; functionality where you can compare documents, for example the order confirmation with the quote.
  • Individual user id’s and passwords; if you have multiple users in your customer service center, they can get individual user id’s and passwords which are adjusted to the customers they are handling.

KinnetikWebSupplier is specifically designed for suppliers

Who is KinnetikWebSupplier for?
  • as a tool to get quick access to e-commerce and start trading electronically (before integrating to an existing back office system)
  • who do not want to integrate to their existing system
  • who do not have an eligible back-office system to integrate to
  • who currently are working on an integrated solution to their back office system and who wants an intermediate solution

Access to KinnetikWebSupplier requires no comprehensive set-up or configuration.


To meet everyone’s requirements we have built a base service with optional chargeable extra’s.

Only pay for what you want, when you want it

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