Through KinnetikSupplier we offer an integrated solution for suppliers and contractors; Electronic commerce with your customers directly from your sales system.  Regardless of format or process.  The service covers three crucial elements

Processing electronic business documents
  • Tender requests, process quotations, purchase orders, order confirmations, e-invoices, delivery and transport documents
  • Meet business regulations
  • Tools and messages to support agreed business processes among the buyer, supplier and the forwarder
  • Collaboration through integration and B2B roaming
  • Plug-and-play integration with procurement and order systems means efficient, automated business processes
Advantages of Kinnetik

Front-End connectivity: With Kinnetik’s services and solutions it’s provided in an invisible package that connects businesses to businesses, through agreed processes. Running efficiently in the background.  Handling all formats and returning your format.

Greater efficiency: With fully automated procurement, order processing, sales and logistics processes, work becomes more efficient due to reduced workloads, greater automation and finally, reduced costs.

Better control and oversight: Associating openness to the organisation’s processes and data processing gives you complete oversight of everything bought/sold, from/to whom, where it was delivered, prices, etc.

Better data quality: Integrating elements into the supplier’s product database increases data quality. Buyers can have access to product information to ensure correct product and price data. Shipowners/managers do not have to spend time cleaning up data, and suppliers do not have to send updated product information to their customers.

Greater business contract efficiency: Reduced costs through precisely agreed contracts and framework agreements, acquisitions and order processing. Why send out a series of enquiries when you have already negotiated the price?