efficient global selling

KinnetikSupplier delivers your business directly into your system and provides all the tools to control and prioritise all your transactions in a single screen, so you may focus on each and every client order to quote quicker, augment your clientele and all that while reducing opex.

it's so automated you won't even notice it's there!

the age of winning more business

By connecting your existing system to KinnetikSupplier you get transactions faster and more accurate from your buyers. You enjoy automated order fulfilling and gain better visibility and control of your client orders. Re-typing is eliminated, manual entry errors are limited and customer retention is increased through faster turnaround times.

Automate to save time

translates every format of RFQs and POs and delivers it directly into your ERP/sales system allowing you to seamlessly connect, enabling transactions from all of your buyers to flow smoothly directly in and out of your own sales system.

Translate to fulfill all

With KinnetikSupplier Reports you can benchmark your quote rate and time. The report is a comprehensive data-rich dashboard which tracks and monitors your sales and marketing activity on KinnetikSupplier even against market trends, giving you indicators of where improvement is needed.

Benchmark to thrive

eINVOICING improves efficiency with your key purchasers and lead to shorter handling time while eliminating the problem of ‘lost’ invoices.

eComplete the cycle
KinnetikSupplier at a glance:  Fully customised notifications, Manage RFQs, Quotations, POs, POCs, Forward RFQs to sub-suppliers, Add and send attachments, Archive all transactions, Service and Support, Unlimited use

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