Automated to perfection

Automate all your purchasing processes rapidly and get the right product at the right price, place, and time… every time!

it's so automated you won't even notice it's there!

the age of intelligent purchasing

Process the item you need in your own system and then send your purchase requests automatically to your designated sellers based on your established workflows.

1 - Request

With KinnetikBuyer your quotations are delivered into your purchasing application, allowing you to actively approve or reject them from the familiarity of your system, setting free the approvals' process.

2 - Approve

Every process of the KinnetikBuyer's purchasing workflow is paperless, hence the time of creating and delivering purchase orders is cut in half, and since monitoring spending is a breeze you can now engage into wiser budgeting decisions and into the essence of procurement!

3 - Purchase

All the tools to check that what you are being buying matches what you where quoted, are there. Purchase orders, quotations, price anomalies and eInvoices (if subscribed) are aligned in KinnetikBuyer to protect your company.

4 - Receive

Searching & tracking the purchase flow with KinnetikBuyer is easy with a full audit trail for every order. And with advanced B.I. tools, you have the essential reporting to monitor performance against spending goals and evaluate the strengths of your supply chain.

5 - Track
KinnetikBuyer at a glance:  A complete eProcurement, Easy integration, Spending reporting, Compliance and Audit, Cost effective, Service and Support, Unlimited use

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