Marine procurement... redefined!

Kinnetik Solutions is a software engineering company that builds the next generation cloud applications for the modern procurement & IT departments. Our company specialises in the demanding maritime industry and streamlines the purchasing workflow to the point of making it automated and transparent for the user.

We firmly believe that by revamping the eProcurement process in all its aspects through software, we improve global eCommerce, hence maritime business itself! We have the vision and we have the plans that already are shaping the future… and we call this future: “The Kinnetik Ship“.

Applications driven by intelligence

Kinnetik's applications are built on intelligent algorithms to ideally match buyers' requests with suppliers' offers at lightning speeds and under military-grade security.

Solutions tailored to your needs

Kinnetik Solutions delivers the right product at the right price, time, and place, and, by improving exponentially the performance of the procurement & IT departments, it strengthens your company's competitiveness and profitability.

What is your vision ?

Do you want to control your purchasing workflow ?

Do you want to fulfill all of your market orders ?

Who shares the "Kinnetik Ship" vision ?

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