Meet us in Cyprus – Digital Ship; The Maritime CIO Forum




Kinnetik Solutions will be providing information on its new cloud based solutions and services at Digital Ship – The Maritime CIO Forum on the 14 February 2017.

Meet with us at The Cyprus Maritime CIO Forum on 14 February 2017 in Limassol, Cyprus where Kinnetik will guide you through an array of newly cloud developed software solutions.

We will be able to share our vision for the solution platform, our services, our partners and our products.  All of which will give you; A buyer or a supplier the tools you need to build on your relationships, improve your business processes, connect, transact, improve not only your supply chain management but also your electronic data.  Through the solutions of Kinnetik and its carefully selected integrated cloud solution partners.

Mr. Ché Geldard, Kinnetik Solutions CEO commented: “Advancing from the old eProcurement model, Kinnetik Solutions modern platform and business model allows users from both sides of the supply chain to have access to various game changing cloud solutions, in one place, on a cost model that is realistic in today’s information age.”

If you would like to have a one 2 one with Kinnetik Solutions during the week (13 Feb – 16 Feb); You can book time with us HERE …..

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