JO TANKERS AS joins the list of committed users of Kinnetik Solutions AS


JO TANKERS AS, a Norwegian based ship owner and manager who is a leading provider of deep-sea transportation services for chemicals and other high value liquids like petroleum products and edible oils, has agreed to use the new KinnetikBuyer service from Kinnetik Solutions.

Mr Terje Hesthamar, Purchasing Manager at Jo Tankers commented, “We were an early adopter of eCommerce in the maritime industry and have been a user over 15 years, starting with e4marine in early 2000.  We have seen the benefits this technology brings. We were therefore pleased to hear of Kinnetik and their Management team.  We have had dedicated support over the years from the team and we have confidence in them.  We look forward to continuing the partnership with Kinnetik Solutions AS throughout 2017″.

The Kinnetik Solutions Service will be available from the 1st March 2017.  Contact Kinnetik Solutions AS for further information.

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