Fred. Olsen Windcarrier AS Agrees to use the KinnetikBuyer service from Kinnetik Solutions


Fred. Olsen Marine Services AS, a Norwegian based technical management company who has a history of innovation and long term value creation, with strong roots in the Norwegian maritime industry dating back to 1848, has agreed to use the new KinnetikBuyer service from Kinnetik Solutions AS.

Ms Gry Arnet, Procurement & Logistics Manager at FOMS commented, “We were pleased to hear that the Kinnetik operation was designed and operated by the ex-MarineLink management.  We have chosen to use the ‘KinnetikBuyer’ solution from Kinnetik, as their solution, business model and values reflect ours.  It seamlessly integrates with our PMS application, gives us value added functionality, our suppliers are only charged for value added services and overall, it meets our supply chain processes”.

The Kinnetik Solutions Service will be available from the 1st March 2017.  Contact Kinnetik Solutions for further information.

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