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Kinnetik is a service and solution provider, based in Oslo, Norway.  We are strong believers in providing benefit through the use of technology, giving greater efficiency and therefore lowering operational costs.

Primarily Kinnetik is offering an integrated and web-based eBusiness Service for industries servicing their supply chain management electronically, within a B2B model.  This allows the Buyers and Suppliers to transfer the standard RFQ, Quote, PO, POC and eInvoice documents electronically between 2 systems, regardless of internal formats.

In addition to the eCommerce delivery, Kinnetik is an integration platform for cloud based services that cross over into one or several industries.  Allowing niche cloud services a platform to reach customers over a single point of entry, allowing our customers to benefit from the many cloud services out there, also through a single entry point.

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Who are we?

Kinnetik Solutions AS is an IT Solution and service provider, for Businesses working with Businesses (B2B) and Businesses working with Customers (B2C), world wide.  It is founded and managed by key personal from the maritime sector eCommerce providers, MarineTransactionServices (MTS) and MarineLink from EVRY, allowing us to offer a combined experience level of 54 years.

Our Kinnetik branded services are all based on the worlds latest cloud technology.  While the core service we provide is eProcurement, the Service and the Platform offers a comprehensive eBusiness solution through our key business ideology of Integrating Partners into one common platform, for the benefit of all the connected parties.

We are servicing the world from our base in Kongsvinger, Norway and our representation offices in Oslo and Singapore.

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If you are interested in being contacted by Kinnetik regarding one of our services or discussing a solution from Kinnetik, you can take contact with US:

Telephone: +47 455 16 000 (option 1)
Direct eMail: sales @ kinnetiksolutions.com
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If you are in need of support you can contact Kinnetik Support:

Telephone:+47 455 16 000 (option 3)
Direct eMail: support @ kinnetiksolutions.com



Finance / Accounts Dept

If you have any economy or invoicing queries you can contact Kinnetik Finance:

Telephone:+47 455 16 000 (option 4)
Direct eMail: finance @ kinnetiksolutions.com


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